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                                       PURE POLYUREA AND POLYURETHANE 

When it comes to protection against corrosion, impact and water intrusion, marine environments are among the most demanding. Aboard ship or on shore, marine applications require tough, durable coatings that protect cargo and crew from damage or injury.
Cooltech-Rhino Linings® marine grade coatings, linings, castable resins and specialty foams are formulated to withstand the corrosive salt and fresh water marine environments while protecting from sun damage and colour fade.

Since the mid 1990s Rhino Industrial has been formulating and manufacturing superior pure polyurea, modified polyurea, polyurethane and polyaspartic protective coatings for commercial and large industrial applications. 

Cooltech- Rhinos premium substrate protection systems utilise pure polyurea and polyurethane spray applied linings, providing superior solutions to industrial abrasion, impact, containment, corrosion and chemical attack problems in over 65 countries around the world. 

Cooltech-Rhino Linings provides premium spray applied protective coatings and linings for corrosion resistance, impact, chemical and abrasion resistance, waterproofing solutions, tank linings and pipe linings in addition to Polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings.  

Cooltech team of highly trained technicians have industry leading experience in the correct use of our 1:1 and 2:1 polyurethane and polyurea application equipment and lining systems.  This knowledge and experience is passed on to our National and International Rhino Linings Dealers and Approved Applicators, ensuring they have the necessary skills to provide excellent customer service and long term protective solutions for you, their customer.

Cooltech  invite you to explore the unique advantages Rhino Linings has to offer. Whether your requirements are for a long term heavy industrial, commercial or automotive application utilising Rhino Linings polyurethanes or pure Polyureas, or considering the use of Rhino's specialised flooring products, Rhino Linings has a solution for you.