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Cooltech -ThermaCote Original (Bright White)

Cooltech-ThermaCote is a high-performance thermal barrier that offers superior corrosion protection for commercial, residential, exterior, and interior applications. The advanced ceramic technology conserves energy, looks just like flat latex paint when dry, and has ultra-low VOCs at 5.3 G/L.
ThermaCote spray-applied thermal barrier coating is Certified Green to California’s standard (DHS 01350) for indoor air quality in classrooms and offices, an ENERGY STAR qualified product, and is also a CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) “Rated” product. With built-in corrosion protection, ThermaCote is the perfect primer or topcoat on new or existing sheetrock, wood, glass, plastic, concrete or steel projects, and helps seal the envelope of any structure. A UL® Classified product with a 0-Flame spread, ThermaCote is the professional's choice.
Key Characteristics
Breathable vapor barrier, reduces condensation, low shrinkage due to high volume of solids (12 wmt = 10dmt), high solar reflectance, high emittance, low dry fall rate (5–10 feet, depending on temperature and humidity), lightweight (5 pounds/gallon, <2.27 kilos per 3.78 liters), wide range of application (50f– 300f), reduces expansion and contraction, max white brightness.


ThermaCote Original (19 Cool Colors)

Cooltech-ThermaCote Roof Repair Tape

Cooltech-ThermaCote Roof Repair Tape is the ultimate leak and seam repair tape. It is the heaviest, most aggressive sealing tape available, and permanently deal with leaks in virtually all roofing materials, including for TPO, EPDM, and metal. ThermaCote Roof Repair Tape is VOC-free, and the perfect reinforcement for all non-leaking seams to add additional security around curbs, vents, chimneys, AC systems, antennas, and all other roof-penetrating devices.
"It's What Duct Tape Should Be!"
Cootech-ThermaCote Roof Repair Tape is stable from –70ËšF to 200ËšF. It is easy to apply to any clean, dry surface*, and is flexible. It also readily conforms to shapes, making it well suited for gutter repairs, piping or other curved equipment.
Cooltech-ThermaCote Roof Repair Tape is available in 2 backing colors: white & black. It is UV resistant for assured longevity, and its patented adhesive technology creates permanent repairs on virtually all roofing materials. It can safely and effectively be used to stop water or air penetration on many other surfaces including cement, plywood, OSB, and metal. ThermaCote Roof Repair Tape can also be used to stop leaks on mobile homes, RVs, rail cars, trucks & vans, garden sheds, tarpaulins, and some unpressurized piping.
*For applications below 32Ëš a primer is recommended.

PU Thermal Insulation for Roof, Wall and ceilings 

 Cooltech- Rhino Linings' extensive building product portfolio, you can rest easy knowing the job will be completed quickly and last for decades. Whether retrofitting an existing structure or building it from the ground up, Rhino Linings high-performance products improve project durability, water resistance, energy efficiency, safety and aesthetics.
Our elastomeric linings, coatings and foams reinforce structural integrities, seal and insulate buildings, and produce durable surfaces that can withstand heavy abuse

Spray Polyurethane Foam roofs carry a UL 790, Class A Rating, which is the highest Fire Resistance Rating

High U Value, Increase roof life, Strong solar reflective index, Light weight, Thermal Insulation, Reduce damage from high Wind, Economical, Flexible, Eliminates ponding water, Tough, Strong

Cooltech - Rhino’s family of flooring products includes epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurethane and polymer cement decorative, repair and resurfacing solutions for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Our product formulations vary from quick-set coatings to polymer overlays but they all can stand up to wear and tear from heavy traffic. Depending on the product selection, our flooring products can be applied by hand, high pressure spray (2:1 and 1:1), brush, roller, squeegee or trowel.   

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    ThermaCote Roof Repair Tape
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    Roof Repair Tape
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    PU Thermal Insulation for Roof, Wall and ceilings
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    Industrial Epoxy flooring solution
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    Heat Barrier coating
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    Polyurea Protective Coating