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Cooltech has provided protection to gas and oil storage tanks with its line of strong long-lasting polyurea products and Thermacote Thermal Insulation barrier coating. Because of its elastomeric and physical properties, polyurea provides excellent protection against abrasion, rust and corrosion and can extend the life of older tanks. It can also create primary and secondary containment lining in storage tanks. With the resurgence of oil and gas exploration in the U.S., containment area for fractionation fluids are required at drilling site. The containment area consists of metal support walls and polyurea is sprayed over geotextiles fabric. Bonding with the wall and geotextiles fabric, the polyurea forms a seamless, leak-free area. The storage tanks are then set within the area and piped in the same day as the liner system installation. Polyurea is resistant to various fuels, as well as applied over potentially-contaminated substrates: concrete, fabric and directly onto the ground. The coating is resistant to annual freeze/thaw cycles and frost heaves. Because of its durability, It can be used for thermal, rehabilitation and blast protection of tank farms, pipelines, secondary containment, tank roofs, non-skid and corrosion control of floors, walkways, helicopter pads, workshops, control rooms, etc.