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Agriculture & Food and Bevarage Industries

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Agricultural, poultry and dairy operations rely on Rhino Linings® sprayed-on coatings and foams to protect equipment, machinery, silos, as well as insulate and seal barns and coops, warehouse flooring, roofs trailers, trucks, crop storage and bunkers, slaughter house, feed storage improving livestock production.  

Because the agricultural industry utilizes some of the largest, heaviest and most hard-working machinery there is, any downtime is likely to be costly and inconvenient. Extend the life of agricultural parts and components, farm implements, crop processing machines and improve the efficiency of barns and chicken houses with Rhino Linings protective coatings, sealants and foams.

Food and Bevarage Industries

Polyurea and polyurethane foam have many uses in the food and beverage industries. Polyurea coating systems are ideal for food and beverage industry floors because it provides a seamless, durable, low-maintenance, sanitary, safe, non-slip surface that is temperature resistant (can resist extreme hot and cold temperatures), and cures fast.
This is ideal for cold storage facilities, freezers and food- processing plants where time and temperature are serious concerns.
Keeping food-processing plants and beverage facilities clean and sanitized is a challenge. The goal is to find the simplest way to protect the elements. (floors, walls, ceiling, gate, posts and rails) during the cleaning process while maintaining a sterile environment.
SPI polyurea can also reduced maintenance costs because it's easily cleaned by pressure washing.